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News for Seniors!

Class of 2019

Greetings from the North Carolina Child Support Council Scholarship Committee,


The 2019 NCCSC Scholarship and Bob R. McGuire Memorial Scholarship application is now available.  The scholarship is available to all North Carolina residents who have been accepted by a North Carolina school of higher learning: a College, University, Community College, or Technical School.  In addition, at least one parent must be a member of the NCCSC, or a client of the Child Support Program (through either Child Support Services or Clerk of Court Services). 


Please distribute the application to all qualifying seniors.  The deadline is April 19, 2019.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the co-chairs.


Sonya Scott                        252-902-1314

Elizabeth Roach                828-884-3263


North Stanly High School students,

Going Merry is an awesome new scholarship website - it makes scholarship applications as easy as college applications are when you use the Common App! There is a big waiting list but all of you can skip it when you sign up here:

Good luck with your scholarship applications!
Mrs. Helms

More Info

Going Merry is completely different from the older scholarship search engines:

  • Matching - Once you fill out your profile, you are automatically matched with scholarships you are most eligible for.
  • Direct Applications - You can apply directly to multiple scholarships, you never need to leave the site.
  • Autofilled Applications - All of the information from your profile is autofilled into each application, saving you time.
  • Estimated Application Times - Every scholarship has estimated application time to help you prioritize them.
  • Scholarships Grouped By Essay Topics - Scholarships are grouped by common essay topics so you can minimize the number of essays you have to write.