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Molly Allman's Teacher Page

Hello and welcome! My name is Ms. Allman, and I am thrilled to be teaching Band, Chorus, and Handbells at North Stanly High School. I received my Music Education degree from Appalachian State University. I am so excited to get the opportunity to make music and memories with my students this year. My plan for this year includes building on the already established traditions here at NSHS, as well as creating some new ones together as a class. If at any point during the year I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. Email is the best form of communication to reach me. My email is [email protected]
Ms. Allman's Music Philosophy:
Music is made for every single person on this planet! Through exploring a vast variety of music genres, musical techniques, and musical appreciation from a multitude of areas around the world, students should continue to build their love for music. This diverse range of genres explored in our safe-space should enable students to have the opportunity to explore, perform, compose, improvise, and explore their own opinions about musical ideas. Each student who joins my class already brings musical abilities with them, and therefore will not be referred to as students, but rather musicians.
Additional Program Assistance:
Materials that will help our classroom experience are:
- Tissues
- Dry erase markers
- Extra black concert pants, shoes, and socks
- Blank manuscript paper (sheet music)
- Hand sanitizer
-Sanitizing wipes (to clean our piano and keyboards)