Scott Crisco » Coach Crisco's Contact information/Office Hours

Coach Crisco's Contact information/Office Hours

Office Phone  704-961-4012
Office Hours   1:30-3:00 M-F
Email               [email protected]
Welcome to my classes. This semester my schedule will be:
1st Block      Physical Development        7:55-9:05
2nd Block     Health/PE                             9:10-10:20
3rd Block      Field Maintenance              10:25-11:35
4th Block      Planning/Lunch                   11:40-1:30
Google Meet                                               1:45-2:45
Monday     1st Block
Tuesday    2nd Block
Thursday  3rd Block
I'll be posting all my assignment here and in Canvas for you to view
Here is the Physical Development Course Syllabus.
Football Workout Schedule: Sept-Dec
M-Th Weight Lifting 3:30
Mondays...Skill Development for Skill Positions.
Wednesdays.. Skill Development for all Linemen