NSHS Faculty Play

In this hilarious play, two sisters, Ferna and Violet, come together to visit and gossip about other family members. Who is the beautiful girl? Will the other sister, Rose, who up and try to tell everyone what to do? WIll the sweet little grandma find her teeth and help her grandson or granddaughter find true love? Who are the other cousins and what do they know? And is that really Chris Pratt who just showed up to collect the trash? Join us for the hilarious family reunion planned by the Greenhouse Sisters. Gotta Love family!
Starring:  Suzanne Holshouser, Shannon Whitley, Kolby Hunt, Kathy Tillman, Kerry Huffman, Heather Jones, Melissa H. Eudy, Brooke Whitley, Chase Godwin, Heather Shaver, Tina Carter, Kadie Morgan, and Adam Storms.